Styling Tips and Hacks For The Kitchen That Anyone Can Follow

It’s fair to say that the kitchen is where family members come together to cook, for meal preparation, have a cup of tea or coffee and to have a chat about how each other’s day went. It is a functional space to entertain, a place for kids to do their homework whilst dinner is being prepared and is essentially the centre piece of most homes.  So it only makes sense when deciding to decorate or style your home to start with the kitchen.

A tip to remember here is to work around functionality of the kitchen and style around that, at the end of the day, you want the kitchen to be user friendly and not have the styling interfere with how you use your kitchen. You certainly do not want to be adding more and more to the kitchen bench to up style it because bench space is necessary when preparing meals and cooking and too much clutter will hinder the ability to use the kitchen in a functional manner. Some of the styling tips to begin with may include;

Less is definitely more in the kitchen
One of the reason you are deciding to decorate is perhaps you feel the kitchen is outdated and you’ve found no joy, a simple reason to this may be the fact that it is too cluttered with unnecessary items. Begin with removing what is irrelevant and stick with what is totally necessary and find a home for it. If you need to use it in the kitchen, it belongs there. When the kitchen is stripped of all the clutter and left with the bare minimum, bring in a classy looking functional fruit bowl, decorative jars or fresh flowers for the kitchen bench.

Style with appliances and cookware

A few gorgeous looking appliances or cookware set can simply be the master stroke you are looking for in kitchen styling. Whether it is a set of copper hanging pans or matching appliances can bring out the contrast of the stone bench top or kitchen cupboards, so don’t be afraid to invest in these areas, they may even bring out the next level in your cooking.

Introduce some hanging pendants

You’ll be surprised what hanging pendants can do to the ambience of the kitchen. Not only is it an effective way to bring more styling to the kitchen, it can give it a bit of drama, be a conversation starter and is wonderful for entertaining.

Add a hanging picture or artwork

Having a statement piece if you have an empty wall is a great way to add color to the kitchen. You can introduce colors from the piece of art into your appliances, pendants and more. Coupled with a fresh coat of paint to freshen up the walls can just breathe life back into the kitchen in ways you cannot imagine.

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What You Need To Do When Moving To a New City Alone

Having moved quite a number of times over the years before settling in New Zealand, I can attest that moving alone to a new location is much easier than moving with a large family. However, relocation challenges remain the same and also it is hard to face alone. There are a few difficulties you have to tackle, but there is no need to worry because I am there to advise on what to do before and after migrating to a new location. You just need to read and follow our tips and make your move as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Do Research about New Location

To make migration stress less you need to do deep research about your new city. You need to be familiar with surroundings and determine possible risks and find solutions that you may face while relocation. Therefore, you make sure prior homework of moving like visiting community, observing nearing facilities and reading local media sources. Similarly, research about traditions, religious factors, likings, thinking and living rules of the community

Determine Your Budget for a Move

Before moving to a new city calculate and arrange budget according to location standards. You need to consider moving budget, day to day expenses during a move and living cost also. It is understood moving companies with full services are not cheap especially for a long-distance move, based on experience with quotations from Wellington movers. I suggest choosing less expensive moving options if can’t afford a moving company. Such as you can move with the rental truck.

Connect with Contacts

Be sure to reach out to all of your connections while moving to that city. Even contact with a friend of a friend to reach and help you to manage a recent situation of shifting. They are living there already and can help you in a better way how to do moving and shifting belongings and can make your move stress less and tension free.

Find a Place to Live before Move

If you are not familiar with the new location then it is not easy to find a good and reliable living place with the bundle of facilities on a low budget. Figure out your budget for reasonably afford. Allocate your budget for monthly home rental payments and for the daily course also. You also need to decide you are looking for a separate home or willing to live with roommates. If moving in with roommates, I suggest you clearly work out how to split the rent before committing to a long term rental agreement.

Plan Your Move and Pack your Boxes

When you have decided to move finally then start working on it such as finding a new home, budget for your move, packing and transporting your belongings to the new city. So, there are plenty of hurdles and challenges awaits you if you are moving alone. Get rid of unwanted stuff, sell or give large pieces of furniture away, donate what you can and organize rubbish removal for the junk you need gone. Seeing as it may sometimes be a cheaper option to buy new furniture rather than moving old furniture to a new place, this should be considered with an affordable budget. Pack light items in larger and heavy items in small boxes. Start room by room packing, label the boxes and keep items well organized also.

Say Goodbye to Friends and Neighbours

Saying goodbye to neighbours and leaving friends is hard but for life goals, we have to move out. So, there is a need to invite them to help you with moving to belong and also spend time to make memories. Arrange to get together parties to leave a good image and forget your loaded behaviours. If you are leaving old friends then finding new friends and neighbours at a new location should be your aim.

After Move Tips

  • Make your new home a pleasant and happy place.
  • Set your realistic expectation
  • Get outside as much as possible to explore your new city
  • Get to know and explore your new city
  • Meet the neighbours and share ideas to get understanding
  • Start a routine of morning walk.
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